Choosing the right dog food

I gave the raw food thing a go with Lupo, but he literally turned his nose up at it. I think I may have left it too late for a dog who has been handed his food on a plate for 5 years to go back to his hunter gatherer ways.

So I set aside looking for a better alternative to the tinned meat and dried food combination he was on (and regularly leaving half of it too, presumably through boredom as well as lack of taste (or real meat – what the hell are animal derivatives anyway? I’m guessing I don’t want to know).

Turns out nowadays there are some great comparison websites to search for dog food by your needs. I used this one. I wanted to find the best tinned meat out there. and by best, I mean one that has the highest percentage of actual meat. If you’ve never read the small print on the back of your dogs food, you may be in for a shock. Some supermarket brands contain as little as 3-5% actual meat.

After some research, I discovered dogs don’t need dry food like we have been told. Dry food does not help clean there teeth, anymore than eating cereal does for our own teeth. You should be brushing your dogs teeth and/or providing lots of chew toys for that. so i ditched that too, knowing Lupo would prefer to get straight to the good stuff.

I decided to find a ‘complete, wet food’ solution. Meaning, all he needs is in a tin, because frankly, I don’t have the freezer space for the amount he would need in raw form! I found Arden Grange to come top of the list, with an impressive 70% actual meat content. There are 3 flavour choices so I can rotate them, chicken, tripe and lamb. Best of all? Absolutely none of those hideous ‘derivatives’!


As with anything of quality, it comes at a price. Three times what we were paying for his old food in fact. But, there is a great deal on at the moment if you want to try the same food. Swell Pets have 24 cans for just £24.49. Lupo is having one can in the morning and two at night, so you can imagine the tin can mountain in my utility room.

so has it made a difference? other than my bank balance, you mean? Yes. I think it has made a difference on his behaviour. Yes he is still annoying sometimes but he doesn’t seem as on edge or bored as easily, maybe because he is more satisfied. He’s looking leaner, with more muscle definition too. And yeah, cleaning up after him, there is a lot less of that too, proving what he’s eating is actually worth being absorbed by his body. Always a good sign!

What do you feed your dog and how did you decide what was right?

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