Boredom busting ideas for dogs

adult dobermannThere’s no escaping today’s long working hours and this can mean long stretches of the day, where you dog will be on his own. For the sake of his sanity and your furniture! Check out these great boredom-busting tips:

  1. Daily walks- do not underestimate the power of a good walk, this helps burn off any excess energy and will keep him motivated and stimulated. If your dog has a good routine, he will learn to relax at the times your not home and save his energy for walks.
  • Aim for at least two a day, if you have a park nearby try and take them a couple of times a week.
  • If you cant manage walks, do you have an roomy enclosed garden with a shelter you can leave your dog out to play during the day
  • The main thing is try and get your dog into as best routine as possible, if you can only manage one walk make sure it’s the same time everyday
  1. Treat balls/puzzle feeders- put some of your dogs daily dry food ration into a treat ball or puzzle feeder. These are great stimulation and encourage your dog to move, helping use up any spare energy
  1. Teething toys- dog love to chew when they are bored, to save your treasured possessions being chewed up, get a teething toy or a bone that your dog can gnaw on.
  1. Squeaky toys- most people hate them, but if you dog doesn’t rip them into sheds a few squeaky toys can offer hours of amusement. They love the squeaky noise and you can always remove them when you get home so you don’t have to hear the squeaking
  1. Other stimulation- some dogs get bored when its quiet, and they enjoy the stimulation provided from the hustle and bustle when you are at home
  • Do you have a radio that you can leave on
  • Is there a big window/porch they can sit and look as people go by – as long as they don’t bark and annoy the neighbours
  • Is there a secure area of garden your dog has access to- or if you have a warm kennel/shed with food/water could you leave him out. PLEASE BE AWARE- do not leave your dog out if there is a risk your dog could injure himself or others. Also take note of  the high incidence of dog theft – please be careful!
  1. Puppy pads- you wouldn’t be made to hold it in for 9 hours, so don’t expect your dog to!!! They may smell but they can be tidied away once you get home. Some dogs may be going where you don’t realise or some are so well behaved that you may find their destructive behaviour is down to them being frustrated about holding it in- think abut how you feel when your desperate. At the very least you may come home to an accident or worse you could cause your dog permanent damage.

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