First Aid for Dogs

There are many similarities between owning a dog and having a child. One of the most similar aspects is feeling the element of danger. You feel danger lurking round every corner when you’re a parent and are constantly saying “be careful” (reminds me of a Friends quote: Monica: Careful. Careful. Careful! Chandler: I’ll tell you what. For the rest of our lives, I’ll be careful unless told otherwise).

With dogs there is less of the nagging, but as a protective owner it still hurts me when Lupo gets hurt. Thankfully it’s never been two serious. Bites from other (smaller) dogs required Vet treatment, but things that shocked me at first such as his pads being cut, has happened a few times now and I know what to do to help him heal. If you don’t notice there will be red paw prints all over your floor, so always do a quick check after  a walk! I presume when it’s happened to him in the past he’s cut them on glass or sharp stones when he’s racing a million miles an hour around the local woods. Or rolling around on god knows what…


We’ve always had a bit of a makeshift First Aid kit for Lupo. Cotton wool pads, a bowl we use for cooled boiled water and salt to wash any wounds. But it was about time, especially now he’s middle aged, that we got some proper kit to help us deal with any situation that can be helped before seeing a Vet.

I came across the brilliantly named Cuts and Bruises site and noticed they not only have first aid kits for families, but they offer the same for pets. I ordered a family holiday kit for our upcoming travels and then one for Lupo. Take a look at what’s inside.

Firstly, any package that is sent containing chocolates and a lovely thank you card pretty much guarantees my loyalty. Why don’t more companies do this?!


The family holiday kit is the perfect size to pop in your suitcase and the contents won’t get squished due to it’s hard plastic case. It’s got all you need for minor cuts and ailments and will give us peace of mind having it in the holiday villa.

The pet version didn’t disappoint. In a sturdy zip close bag with carry handle, it has all the bits and bobs you’ll need for treating your cat or dog at home for cuts, bruises or strains. As well as the usual bandages it has things you would hope to never have to use, but will thank the stars you had one, such as a foil blanket for treating shock and even plastic gloves to stop infection.IMG_1971 IMG_1972
IMG_1974 IMG_1975 IMG_1976

For £13.99, it’s worth every penny for the peace of mind it brings. It’s strange to say but I hope it gathers dust in the cupboard and I never have to use it. I do feel like a responsible dog owner now I have the kit. I have similar First Aid items for my child and as part of our family, Lupo deserves the same consideration.

Pick your First Aid kit for Pets up here: 

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