Downward Dog? Join a Furry Yoga class on the 4th October 2015

When I was in the midst of frantically exercising before my wedding, as many of us do, I did exercise DVD’s at home. Not only did I have a baby staring at me from a bouncing chair, but a Dobermann trying to claim his part of the same small rug I was doing star jumps, planks or push ups on. It wasn’t easy, I can tell you. So when I heard about what online yoga class, Yoogaia, is doing, by incorporating dogs into your Yoga routine, the mental picture did make me laugh. This is one trend Lupo may definitely have to sit out, but I love the idea if you have a small to medium-sized, and fairly obedient dog. Of which mine is neither. Here are all the details if you want to join in the fun next week.

Yoogaia will organize a “Furry Yoga” class on Sunday October 4th at 12 pm (UK time), which also happens to be world animal day, on The instructors will be Paula Solano and Border Terrier, Malva, who is happy to give hugs and kisses to her yogi mom, will join her for the class.


Furry yoga is a relaxed class suitable for everyone. You can do the poses even if your dog or cat is running around, promises yoga instructor Paula Solano. Everyone at Yoogaia loves animals and during the live classes you often see pets joining their owners. Some of them will just observe while others are jumping or stretching next to the owners.

Lupo practicing his downward dog…


A pet can also be a good source of inspiration for a yogi as cats and dogs stretch a lot. Solano advises you to prepare for the pet yoga class and any yoga class in general according to what your pet is like. If there is a lot of movement in the class, it might be easier to tell your pet to stay in his own spot as one of you might get hurt. During floor poses it doesn’t matter that much if your pet is by your side.

Yoogaia have kindly given VelcroDog readers a discount code which gives you a 14 day subscription totally free. perfect if you want to see if the classes are right for you without making a commitment. use code: MODERNDOG 

Will you be logging on to join the class with your pet? Let me know in the comments below!


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