Home Interior Favourites for Animal Lovers

This month I’ve been browsing the gorgeous wall paper and interiors specialist Graham & Brown. I can’t decide from my list of favourites, which ones do you prefer? Let me know!

I recently read that items with Pugs on topped any other dog breed for items being sold on eBay. So if you are Pug mad, you’ll love Humphrey here (£25) I like this print as it’s pretty minimalist and would fit perfectly on a photo wall.

42-252-PUG-PRODUCT-SHOT-WEBI used to own horses, aren’t they such beautiful animals? It will come as no surprise they make great wall art too. This beauty is painted on wood, and makes a great change from the usual canvas. I love the effect it gives. (£25) 

42-245-HORSE-PRODUCT-SHOT-WEBThis dapper chap is named Ziggy, I love his bowtie! Zebra’s are the original monochrome trend setters, so he should be proudly displayed, with your tongue firmly in cheek of course! (£25)

41-710-ZIGGY-ZEBRA-PRODUCT-SHOT-WEBFor a pop of colour, this canvas cleverly featuring beautiful butterflies would be perfect against my white living room walls. Or it could be teamed with some smaller prints, leaning on the fireplace. (£35)

41-547-BUTTERFLY-KALEIDOSCOPE-PRODUCT-SHOT-WEBLastly, there’s no animals on this one, but it reminds me of walking in our local woods when the BlueBells appear. Lupo loves to run through them so I always look forward to spotting them. It would be great to be able to appreciate them all year round. (£35)



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