Pet Life App Review

I am a big Apple product fan. I’m typing on a Mac with my iPhone next to me. But even with all this tech I am kind of embarrassed to say I still rely on a calendar on my kitchen wall for family notices. There’s just nothing that beats walking past it written down somewhere to remind me to buy a card or pay for the dog walker. Well there wasn’t until people invented Apps for exactly these reasons.

I need a reminder on my wall calendar to worm Lupo. As something that happens every few months, it’s easy to forget. It’s not in a daily routine and as I don’t stick to the same day, it can be different by the time the tablets arrive from ordering online. You could get organised and put reminders in your phone calendar, but for someone like me that’s not enough. It’s too easy to look at it and then forget again, if say I’m at work. So what’s the solution?

A brand new app from the people at big pet care brand Bayer. It has a long name, Pet Life Parasite Protection Application, but don’t let that put you off, as Pet Life is just fine. They’ve recognised that having a pet brings with it responsibility for remembering dates such as worming, but also appointments for vets and other medical checks. It’s not just for dogs, as you can store all your animals vital data whether they are a Rabbit, Ferret or Cat too.

Set up is really easy. I created an account and logged Lupo’s details in just a few minutes. One of the things that puts me off some apps is that process, so I’ve taken images at each stage for you to see.


IMG_2719 IMG_2720 IMG_2721 IMG_2722

You are then reassured how the app will help you. For me, it’s very helpful and importantly, not intrusive. I’m not forced to open it every day but will happily get in the habit of using it as a personal (pet) assistant.

A favourite feature of mine is ‘Your Vet’ where you can store the details for your local practice. This made me panic as I’m not even sure I have our vet saved in my phone. So I’ll be using this and adding the animal hospital too as they cover out of hours emergencies. Thats the time you don’t want to be scrambling around for a bit of paper you lost months ago.

My trusty wall calendar will be out of a job soon, as this app will schedule worming and flea treatments and send me notifications when it’s time to order the prescription again. It’s easy to remember Lupo’s birthday, he was born on April Fool’s day (I know) but if you don’t want to miss out celebrating with your pet, make sure you add that important date in too, so you can treat them to a pet friendly party and cake, like I’m sure they deserve.

Pet Life is completely free to download and available from the App store now.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, could you benefit from a helping hand to remember your pets important dates?

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Bayer – ‘it’s a jungle’. The Pet Life app is part of the ‘it’s a jungle’ programme from Bayer, which aims to help you keep your pet parasite free. For more information, please visit –

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