Tips for Travelling with Pets & Win a pet friendly holiday!

Travelling this New Year?

Home or away, follow these tips to have yourself a stress free winter trip!

Taking your pet on holiday in the UK or abroad during the winter period has never been easier, but before you pack the doggy jumpers and head off, here’s a few things to consider:

Travelling in the UK this Winter

If you are planning a long and wintry journey this season – make sure your pet is comfortable with travel. Some dogs unfortunately cannot handle long journeys in the car due to illness, injury, age or temperament. If this is the case, look for a reliable pet sitter or speak to your vet about boarding facilities.  Travelling can be upsetting for your pet’s stomach, so give your pet a light meal a few hours before you leave to try and avoid any tummy upsets.

The last thing you want is a lost pet, so before you travel, ensure your pet has a microchip implanted. This should be registered with your contact details so you can be contacted in case they get lost.


If you are travelling to see family, there is a chance your dog may come into contact with friends’ and family’s dogs. If this is the case, try and introduce them one at a time and in a neutral location so they don’t become territorial. Be sure to praise them and use positive reinforcement– talk to them in your best calm and reassuring voice and allow them to sniff each other first.

If the weather forecast is correct there is a chance it will get rather cold and wet so try and keep your pooch in the warm wherever possible. If wherever you are travelling to is colder than they are used to, buy them a doggy sweater or booties and try to supply a bed that is at least three inches off the floor.

Your pet may take a while to acclimatise to a location away from home. To help them get used to a new location, make sure you bring along their usual food and familiar comforts, and don’t forget to take any medication that your pet is currently on.

Whether staying in chilly old Blighty or heading abroad for some winter sun, make sure you’ve protected your pet against fleas and ticks before you go. Application should take place monthly throughout the year; it’s very easy to apply and provides peace of mind. You may not think pets are exposed to these things, but if you are planning a family walk with your dog you never know what they could pick up. This video shows how easy it is to help keep your pet protected.


Merial Video

It’s important to note that there has been an increase in Lyme disease in the UK,  but you can help protect your dog from ticks and the diseases they can transmit by using FRONTLINE® Spot On monthly. If you’re thinking of taking your dog on a walk with the family it’s important to be aware of ticks, and to check your dog and yourself after each walk for any sign of them. You might like to visit before you go away.

Winter Abroad

Just like us, your pet needs a passport to travel abroad. Your pooch’s passport is proof they’ve had all the necessary vaccines and won’t be carrying, or pick up, any nasties between countries.


Follow the guidelines here to see exactly what your pet needs, and don’t leave it until the last minute. Some vaccinations need to be done a certain number of weeks before hand so make sure you check appointment dates with your vet well in advance.

If you are planning on travelling abroad with your pet this New Year, choosing a pet friendly airline is key. Virgin will take cats and dogs in the air-conditioned and heated hold, plus your pet can earn air miles under their Flying Paws scheme!  If you’re brave enough, RyanAir may be about to let pets travel in the cabin. Somehow I doubt this includes Dobermanns, as mine would need a seat to himself.



If you’re looking to escape the seasonal chill and are heading to sunnier climes, this advice from FRONTLINE® Spot On includes some great tips for keeping your pet healthy in warmer weather. Watch this video to make sure you’re prepared for every eventuality before you set off.



Whilst you don’t want to take a suitcase full of things just for your pet there are some essentials you’ll need whether heading for the snow or in the sun. I always have a water bottle for Lupo for long walks and this is vital on holiday to keep him cool and hydrated. As you can see it’s a messy business, so my other go to essential is a pack of baby wipes, great if the slobber reaches you. I also found them useful for having in a hotel room for wiping his mouth after he’s eaten his dinners.

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FRONTLINE® Spot On contains fipronil. Legal category: NFA-VPS (UK). ®Registered Trademark. For further information refer to the data sheet or contact Merial Animal Health Ltd, CM19 5TG, UK. ©Merial Ltd 2016. All rights reserved. Use medicines responsibly.

21 thoughts on “Tips for Travelling with Pets & Win a pet friendly holiday!

  1. looks fab .. we are not able to have any pets in our rented house but my sister just got a gorgeous beagle puppy for christmas .. his name is Sherlock and he is soooo cute. we would love to take him with us if we win x


  2. On my last cruise they had a kennels so you can transport your dogs to the States and back, our shih tzu would love the open seas!!


  3. Fab tips guys … Especially traveling abroad in the winter (ps I love the pooch with his passport)
    Signed up for your newsletter & Twitter. Keep up the good work x


  4. I’d love to take my Springer Spaniel Max to Ireland this year but I’m worried about leaving him in the car on the ferry. Any tips welcome ☺


  5. I would love to take our hamster everywhere with us, especially as we tend to go self catering since discovering airbnb. But being a rodent, he’s not allowed. Travelling would be too stressful for him and I think would have been for my cats too when they were alive.


  6. We don’t have any pets as we rent but we’d love to take our sisters golden retriever to the beach in Cornwall. He absolutely loves the water!


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