Win a year’s supply of dog food with Burns and Quality Cottages!

If like me you have just as many photos of your dog as you do your child, you can put them to good use in this competition and bag yourself a truck load of dog food to boot. Read on to find out more!

Quality Cottages know their customers love holidaying with their pets and they’re on a mission to tempt you to take your next break in Wales, especially since 80% of their holiday cottages welcome pets as guests. There are non-pet options for those kind of folk too, of course.

We stayed in a lovely lodge in Wales a few years ago and I desperately searched for weeks for accommodation that was pet friendly AND had the all important Hot Tub – in my opinion, you shouldn’t holiday in the UK without one of these babies, you can imagine you’re abroad for just a few hours!

Handily, Quality Cottages have a great search function on their homepage so you can select what aspects are important to you (HOT TUB) and go from there. It’s no coincidence the large image on the homepage is of, you guessed it, a tempting looking Hot Tub. With an awesome view!

If you’ve decided Wales is for you, then Quality Cottages are the experts to trust. With over 50 years of matching customers to Welsh accommodation, they know a thing or two about the best areas to visit and inside tips and tricks. That knowledge is always priceless, so be sure to read up on their site or ask them for personal advice for your next trip. I loved Wales, it really is a beautiful country with so much to explore. Perfect for our furry pals.

Back to the competition!

A nod to their furry, four legged guests, Quality Cottages have teamed up with Burns Nutrition to offer one lucky winner the chance to take home (in a large truck I imagine) a whole year’s worth of food. not just any food, but meals specifically tailored to your dog’s dietary needs – based on their age and weight. Think how much money that could save you! Probably enough to go on a UK holiday, right?! I know I’d be driving a new car if I got Lupo’s food for free, that’s for sure.

Burns Nutrition offer natural food for dogs, cats and rabbits, all developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns. Burns pet food contains whole grains and uses high quality animal proteins. This helps your pet digest their food, meaning they don’t need as much to fill up and in turn, keeping feeding costs wallet friendly.

Check out this awesome short video from the partnership, there’s some fantastic GoPro camera action on Willow’s adventure in Wales. It makes me long for lazy walks in the sunshine, hurry up spring!

How do you enter?

Simply choose your best photo of you dog on a holiday adventure and upload it onto the competition page, click here.

Top tips from me: Don’t worry if you haven’t been away with your pet, the park or the beach is an adventure to your dog so choose a snap that conveys the fun you have together.

If you’re going to take some photos this weekend to enter, have a read of these tips from a pro photographer I chatted to. I always try and get down to my dog’s level, you’ll get a much more interesting shot compared to towering above them.

Why not try throwing treats in the air and capturing mid flight? Above all, have fun! Quality Cottages are choosing their favourite so make yours stand out – humour always helps with that!

The closing date for the competition is 28th March 2016. Keep an eye on their Facebook page as they’ll be sharing entries when they come in before the winner is announced.

I’ll leave you with my favourite holiday shot of Lupo. We stayed in a pet friendly hotel (you can read about that here) and Lupo joined us in the restaurant that evening, sampling the food whilst I sampled the wine. Good luck with your entry!


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