The Art of the Pet Selfie

I take a lot of photos of my dog. But Lupo is a tricky subject as you find dogs with black coats and dark eyes can be difficult to feature – the lighting has to be great for a start. Yet, some of my favourite photos are not the perfect, outdoors shots. They are quick snaps on the sofa at home.

I sent this to my husband with the caption “Trying not to piss myself laughing and wake him up” What a sleeping beauty he is.


Luckily help is at hand from Snapfish, here’s their latest news on a co-written book. Full of tips about how to get the perfect pet selfies.

Generation Selfie’ is forever gaining speed. People in the UK took an estimated 1.2 billion ‘selfies’ in the past year and nearly a third of UK adults admit to taking a selfie*. But a new phase of the Selfie is gathering speed – make way for the pet selfie aka ‘The Pelfie’.

It’s no secret that we are a nation obsessed with our pets. ‘The Pelfie’ is driven by our nation of animal lovers. Pet obsessed humans and four legged family members have never been more ready for their spot in the limelight together.

Most of us know there is an art to taking high quality selfies but no one knows better than selfie expert Carrie Barclay, who is the author of ‘The Selfie Book.’ Snapfish has partnered with Carrie to create a first of its kind list of tips to help owners secure the perfect ‘Pelfie’ alongside their beloved furry friend.


Carrie shares best methods of capturing those doggy memories. From pup’s first stroll to catching their first stick. They’ve even recruited Instagram doggy star @Brunotheminidachshund (75,000 followers) to bring these tips to life in true doggy style and show us how it’s done!


Pelfie Top Tips

  1. The sleeping together pelfie (aka the Zzzelfie) is the perfect way to show your vulnerable sides – pose this way for the ultimate awww factor.
  1. Feeling shy? The Pet‘photo bomb’ makes your pet the star of the show, and will make your followers laugh along the way, too!
  1. Match your poses to really stand out from the crowd; tongues lolling or heads tilted – these little gestures will really help show your similarities.
  1. Bursts are your best friend – we all know our pets are a rule unto themselves, so don’t miss a thing by using the burst function – then choose the best at your leisure.
  1. Grab some props and get creative – bow ties, hats, sunglasses – nothing says diva more than a pet donning a tux or sporting a sparkly jacket.
  1. Want to be really wacky? Then download a faceswap app. Grab your pet, say cheese, and share the hilarious results.
  1. The key to classic Pelfie perfection is to match up your eye lines – keep the camera at eye level, and put yourselves in the centre of the frame – the results should swell any heart.
  1. There’s nothing cuter than a throwback to those puppy years. Hijack the popular hashtag#TBT and remind followers of your pup’s awwwdorable history.
  1. Cuddles! Your followers want to see how close you are, so share the love with plenty of cuddly poses – snuggle up and snap away.
  1. Look behind you. Give your followers context by making sure you share a little bit of the background – it you’re out for walkies, get a bit of the landscape in the frame.

Gerald Perez, Marketing Director, Snapfish EMEA, says: “At Snapfish we are here to help you capture your most precious memories and make them last by providing the perfect keepsakes that you can cherish forever. Whether it’s memorialising your favourite selfie, pelfie or whatever the next photography trend might be our website caters for all your photography needs.”

Carrie Barclay, Snapfish pelfie expert says: “We love to share our lives with our followers on social media, and our pets are such a massive part of that. Whether you mother your moggy or pamper your pooch, showing the world just how unique your pet is is part and parcel of our online presence. This is why the amount of pelfies taken and shared is growing at an alarming rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the dictionary next year!”

Visit Snapfish UK to turn your ‘Pelfie’ photos into beautiful personalised products that you can cherish forever. Feeling inspired? Then share your ‘Pelfies’ using #MyBestPelfie


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