Poundland for Pets

I’ll let you in to a little secret – handy if you are a parent. If your child is ever being difficult on a shopping trip and needs a small case of bribery so you can get things done, offer up a visit to Poundland and blow their mind by saying “you can have anything in the whole shop, pick something!” Works.Every.Time. And you only have to spend £1 or maybe less! My daughter always chooses a plastic football, by the way.

So that’s the kids taken care of, what about the hounds? Well it just so happens Poundland have a wealth of toys and accessories perfect for your pooch. Here’s what we picked up on our latest visit. I wanted to prepare for an upcoming short holiday in the UK where Lupo joined us – keep an eye out for my post on our adventures.

Bags and a handy holder are essential for walks and trips, especially as we are staying in a pet friendly holiday park. You get 60 bags and a holder that clips on to your bag or lead for, yep you guessed it, £1!


I also grabbed a flea and tick collar, as I would be walking Lupo in places he’d not been before and didn’t want him to pick up any nasty visitors.

On to the exciting bit for Lupo, treats! Poundland offer a range of Pedigree chews. The Jumbone is the perfect size for his big teeth, yet still only lasted around ten minutes – but he was happy! The Dentastix will come in handy for keeping his teeth clean as he chews, one of the packs even helps with fresh breath, which will be welcome on the 6 hour car journey with him in close range.


It’s a classic dog toy, but for a reason. Lupo can’t get enough of Tennis balls. These ones are a little harder than the ones you’d use with a racket, so they last longer in the grip of his paws and teeth. my daughter loves to throw them for him to fetch, which he can do brilliantly. Just need to work on the bringing it back, part…

IMG_1967For £1 each you can’t go wrong, but also keep an eye out for further offers in store, such as buy one, get one half price. It’s great to be able to treat your dog at such low cost. Now, excuse me whilst I retrieve the tennis ball from under the sofa for the 1717637 time 🙂

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