When your dog eats better than you do…

Finding the right dog food is akin to finding the perfect pair of jeans. You feel like you spend your life trying different brands. You find one you like and think another brand can’t possibly be a better fit. But then something new comes along to tempt you.

I was relatively happy with the tinned meat we were giving Lupo. Chosen for its high meat content at 70%, my only gripe was that it comes in just three flavours and Lupo was getting bored with the Chicken and Lamb and would often leave it in his bowl. I’m afraid I couldn’t bring myself to buy the fish one, it stinks the house out!

Country Hunter Cans

So when I saw Natures Menu had launched a new wet food in a can, a different offering to their vast raw food range, I thought it was worth changing Lupo over (slowly), to test it out.


At 80% meat, these cans top most other brands on the market for protein content. There are a whopping eight different flavours to choose from – why more dog food brands don’t offer this much choice, I’ve no idea. Wait till you read what these flavours are. The conversation between my husband and I when feeding Lupo was often to remark how he was eating better than we were!

  • Mackerel and Chicken
  • Pheasant and Goose
  • Farm reared Turkey
  • Wild Boar
  • Wild Venison
  • Rabbit with Cranberry
  • Succulent Duck
  • Salmon with chicken

Each 600g can is accompanied by the addition of fruits and veg alongside the different proteins. You can clearly see these in the meat when you open the can.


Usually when I’ve tried a new food with Lupo, his initial excitement at something new tends to wear off when he has to eat the same thing every day. I can honestly say after over a month on Country Hunter cans, he has never been more enthusiastic about anything! He has even started to whine when I am preparing the food. As annoying as the sound is, he has never done that with any food before. He has learnt he’s going to get a different flavour each day and there is enough in rotation to keep it interesting for him.


It’s recommended a dog of his size (43kg) has 2 cans a day. At £2.49 per can, it’s definitely not the cheapest option we’ve ever had but I wouldn’t feel bad if you wanted to mix it with a dry food, to make it last longer. The very fact you’ve chosen to give your dog 80% meat is already doing them a world of good.


I spoke with Natures Menu before swapping to the food and described how Lupo had dry skin on his back. particularly noticeable as he has dark fur. They said this could very well be due to grain content of dog food, so I was glad to hear the Country Hunter cans are all grain free. But would it make a difference? I’m pleased to report Lupo’s coat is super shiny and there is no sign of any dry skin. I am 100% certain this is down to his diet.

You can purchase the cans directly from Nature’s Menu here:


Let me know if you try for your own dog in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

One thought on “When your dog eats better than you do…

  1. There are such a great variety of dog foods on the market. Although it can sometimes take a while to find the right one, when you do, you’ll definitely notice a difference in the happiness of your pet.


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