Velcro Dog is Back

Evening all! Well it’s been eight months since I gave this blog any attention. I nearly packed it in for good, but realised that would be a bit of a waste of five years work. Having a second child has taken over this past year, but I was this blog owner and writer before kids and I will continue to be.

Lupo is eight years old this year and two major life events have happened in his seventh year. We had another baby and got rid of our leather sofa’s, meaning he now has to stay on the floor. The latter event being far more traumatic for him, of course.

So what have we been up to? First, with a little help from my husband I suppose, I created this:


The baby stared at Lupo like he was an alien. Which I guess to him is kind of the same thing if you’re seeing everything for the first time.


Walking Lupo even on the coldest of days, was the perfect retreat for me from the demands of being a mother/ tidy upper/ washer of all the clothes/ changer of nappies. and it still is to be honest.


There have been many cute moments.


He’s learned some walks end up in watching from the sidelines.


Whilst there was a new baby to deal with, his relationship with our daughter has only grown stronger. I remember the first time he greeted her properly in the morning years ago, but now his tail wagging is far more enthusiastic towards her. He competes for her affection and will happily take part in dressing up games and cuddles on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Christmas and new year came and went in a blur of muddy walks.


Lupo greeted us like this on Christmas morning. Particularly enjoying the radiator being on, I think.


Everyone needs a Dobermann for a pillow.


Lastly, we all got to enjoy a decent snowfall.


I promise it won’t be eight months until my next post! I’ve lots to share.

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One thought on “Velcro Dog is Back

  1. Lovely pictures Jessica of your family, cannot believe that Lupo is nearly eight, Pixie still behaves like a puppy lol


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