Nicole Appleton Launches PetScene App

Never Ever have I had an email like the one containing this news. Grab a Black Coffee and take a read, trust me on this as I Know Where it’s at. As a side note, My go-to Youth club disco outfit in the early nineties was a crop top and cargo trousers a-la All Saints. #fangirl.

All Saints star, Nicole Appleton, today launches her very own social networking app exclusively aimed at pets – called PetScene. Created by Second Screen, an innovative app developer, PetScene will be a platform solely for pets to interact and post – with a little help from their human owners.

The singer-songwriter was inspired by her two pet dogs – Ruby and Bridget – to create this unique social ‘petwork’, so these beloved creatures can turn their paws, wings or claws to become the next social media influencer.

Dedicated to all animals, Nicole has  created a world where pets and pet owners can come together and connect with other pets around the world. Users will be able to set up a profile to share their selfies, modelling credentials, comedy videos, hidden skateboarding talents and even make new fury friends.

Not just for dogs and cats, the app is open to all wannabepet influencers including parrots, rabbits and even snakes.

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Pet lovers will be able to join a growing community of like-minded people and find local pet-friendly events and activities taking place, as well as advice from others.

App features include:

  • Newsfeed
  • Discover
  • Events

Nicole Appleton says: I wanted to combine people’s love for their pets and their passion for sharing cute pet photos into one app. PetScene does this and offers a fun and interactive social network dedicated solely to pets. It’s perfect for people to connect in a lighthearted way.

Niall Green, CEO of Second Screen added: We’re absolutely delighted to collaborate with Nicole Appleton on PetScene. There’s no doubt that people love seeing and sharing their adored pictures of pets on social media, so we’re thrilled to be able to provide a unique way of sharing this content and create a platform that engages this community exclusively – all in one place. We’re sure this concept of a social ‘petwork’ will be a hit.

Pets can get their paws on the free app from the App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, pet owners can set up profiles using basic information and post photos or videos of their pets, that then appear in the Newsfeed.

Second Screen offers a customisable white-label service which connects talent, events and fans. Every custom-built app developed by Second Screen brings users closer to their favourite events, festivals and artists, by allowing users to interact directly with exclusive content that is relevant and timely.

To find out more visit and download the PetScene app via the following links:

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