My Favourite Animals on Instagram

As my favourite social media platform, Instagram is full of amazing accounts, especially when it comes to animals. Here are my favourites, in case you’d like any inspiration on new accounts to follow.

I only recently discovered this first one through a work colleague’s recommendation, but I just love it. People send in their animal photos, and the account owner will turn it into a meme style image, with a caption as though the animal is human. They are hilarious. You can get lost for hours scrolling through these, be warned!

I’ve followed Ruby’s adventures for a few years now. Possibly the happiest dog you’ve ever seen. Her owners are keen cyclists and they take Ruby, well, often it looks like she is leading them to be fair, across woodland, hills and trails, at full speed. She just loves to run and must be super fit. She was even featured on TV just last week, representing the gorgeous Hungarian Viszla breed.

If you’ve ever thought a fox would make a lovely pet (probably not those blighted by their antics living in London) then this is the account for you. Juniper is a rescued fox and her owners specialise in taking in animals like this who need a new home or rehabilitation. Based in the US and boasting a huge following, you’ll soon see why. Obviously there are strict laws and ethics about keeping a fox like this, but I’m confident her owners go about it the right way, they answer lots of questions. I particularly love the relationship between Juniper and dog, Moose. Check out hashtag #boyfriendmoose!

Now, not technically an animal account, but named after Lins’s cat, Boo, and dog, Maddie, this account features the most adorable pair proving that cats and dogs are certainly not natural enemies. Set against the backdrop of a beautifully styled home in south London, Boo and Maddie can be seen sometimes escaping the garden into the neighbours, curled up together by the open fire or going on adventures to pet friendly UK breaks. I love seeing other people’s pets like this and this account is a lovely insight into a pet loving family.

This dog has had quite a life so far, originally rescued by lifestyle blogger, Erica Davies, lots of her followers, me included, followed the journey of Rudy coming to the UK through the Wild at Heart foundation, to reside at Erica’s family home. Rudy was so nervous and would be seen hiding away in his bed, gradually building up courage to investigate his new home, but not at the pace he should be. Everyone involved in his care and new placement agreed he perhaps needed another dog to let him know what dogs are meant to do. So heart wrenchingly Erica agreed Rudy was best with another home, but the lady that took him in set up this account, so we could all see how he was getting on. and it looks like he is doing brilliantly, I watched this video of him just this morning zooming around his garden with his other dog play mates. Lovely stuff!

This account will amaze you, even before I mention the animal involved! This lady and her husband have a 4 year old boy and triplet girls! Plus, an adorable Beagle named Reggie, who I love to see appear on her grid and in her Insta stories. How they find the time and energy for 4 kids and a dog, I’ll never know. Reggie seems like a little star, watch out for him begging on his back legs!

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Evening all, I absolutely LOVE this photo of the girls and Reggie. I put the girls down to have a roll around this morning before their milk walked back in the room and this was my view…. what a fab photo! ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ So went to hospital for a check up appointment today with our Dietician for Lottie to check she is gaining weight and reaching the targets etc. Annabella and Florence are doing great and are spot on but Lottie was quite low and not gaining aswell at our last appointment. So today was another check up and she has jumped up a centile line and gained a lot of weight since our last visit so they were so happy with her and they couldn't believe how well she has done in 3 months. So thank you to @ellaskitchenuk for all the yummy food the girls are loving it…we are looking forward to going onto the next stage of food and exploring new tastes and textures. Had my parents over to visit today, come to our house for 10am feed, helped me with the hospital visit, had a nice lunch out, picked Henry up from school, we then had a nice afternoon, settled the girls to bed and had a love spag bol for dinner. So been a lovely day and good to have my parents around. Anyway its Wednesday and time for bed soon i reckon! Let hope and pray for another good night sleep ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ˜Š xxxx #mummatotripletgirls #daddytotripletgirls #triplets #girls #sisters #brother #son #daughter #henryalexander #annabellarose #florenceviolet #lottiebluebell #ivf #twinsandmultiples #love #family #babies #4under4 #husband #wife #reggie #beagle #howdoyoumanage #youhavegotyourhandsfull #mummy #daddy #essex #keepsmiling

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Last but not least, this Dobermann seems like fun. Why don’t you give him a follow?!

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