Could your dog be the face of Go Get It? 

Mixed-breed dog, 12 months old, sitting in front of white backgroundA small-sized Crossbreed called Poppy has been named the UK’s favourite breed and name for our canine friends according to Go Get It, a dedicated pet insurance comparison website for dogs and cats.

In celebration of National Dog Day (26th August 2018) Go Get It is now searching the country to find a Crossbreed called Poppy that could be the ‘face’ of the brand. Go Get It will be featuring all doggy models on its social media in order to track down a special pup called Poppy that could represent the brand. To enter, upload a picture of Poppy onto Facebook or Twitter, tagging Go Get It in and using #PickMyPoppy and tell us a little about them. The winner will be selected at the end of September and will be featured on Go Get It’s social media and website as well as receiving free pet insurance for a year. (T&Cs Apply)

Ross Barrington, Managing Director at Go Get It, comments: “With an estimated nine millions dogs in the UK last year, (Source Pet Food Manufacturers Association Ltd) they truly are part of the family. From finding the right breed to deciding the name that fits their personality, we understand the importance they hold and would love to find a Poppy ‘pup’ of our own that could represent us, show us the amazing weird and wonderful habits of dogs, why we love them so much and help us promote responsible pet ownership.”

Data from Ultimate Insurance Solutions, a brand featured on Go Get It, has revealed that their top three most common dogs in the UK are a small sized Crossbreed called Poppy, followed by a Labrador called Buddy and a medium sized crossbreed called Bailey.

Additionally, aside from a huge popularity surge in French Bulldogs and Pugs, their data has shown a spike in policies taken out for Dachshunds and Cockapoos with an increase of 67% and 47% over the last year.

Ross Barrington adds: “We love meeting our policy holder’s dogs and this goes one step further, allowing us the opportunity to celebrate all the amazing ‘Poppys’ in the country in all their glory whilst searching for our very own brand pooch!”

Go Get It provides access to a number of pet insurance brands to give owners the choice before they buy and to ensure they have the right cover in place for them. For a quote visit

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