Pure Petfood review: Terrific Turkey

I’m going to start with the big problem about this food. You’ll know if you’ve ever added a bit of warm water to your dogs food, their noses will go crazy as the heat releases the smell. Well, adding warm water to Pure Petfood drives my dog CRAZY.

The whining, oh the whining. He’s a whiner at the best of times for no apparent reason, but the ten minute wait for this dehydrated dog food, to rehydrate? Pure torture, apparently. You’d think I’d thrown away his favourite squirrel shaped chew toy that never leaves his side (that incidentally also makes a racquet with it’s annoying squeaker) But no. All I’m doing is enriching his life and det with human grade dog food and he can’t wait for it to be ready. He gave exactly the same reaction the first time around when we tested the chicken version.

Here’s how easy it is to prepare. Measure out your scoops. Add warm water. Give it ten mins to hydrate. Note the beady eyes and wet nose at kitchen worktop height…



Then serve…



I’m sure you’ll agree, whining for ten minutes is a whole lot better than presenting your dog with food he turns his nose up at. That’s why we’re big fans of Pure Petfood.

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4 thoughts on “Pure Petfood review: Terrific Turkey

  1. I’ve been feeding my Ridgeback, Ringo pure dog food for some time and he absolutely loves it and has been healthier he really can’t wait 5 minutes let alone 10 and he drools everywhere so I make up his morning and evening food when I feed him in the evening ready for the next day and keep it in the fridge no waiting and I think it’s much kinder to him !


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