The Perfect Xmas Present for Dog Lovers

Do I look like my dog?

I think I probably do a bit…

IMG_7780 2

Which is why I agreed to test a fun new game from acclaimed photographer, Gerrard Gethings.

I really do recommend it as a great gift for young and old. Me and my 5 year old daughter have been playing it every few days for the past few weeks (kids, nothing but committed).

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

It’s a pack of fifty thick cards, each with either a photo of a dog or a human on it. You can play the classic game of memory by turning them face down and and try to find the matching pairs – the dogs really do look like their owners, and the images are fantastic. The first time we played, we left them facing up so we could get used to who matched with who. But since then we’ve played with them face down and even tried our own version of Guess Who?

IMG_3354 2

Here’s how you can play our version, too: All cards are face up, one player closes their eyes – watch the 5 year olds with this part as they find it impossible to not cheat, tell them to turn around! Once a player has chosen a card they keep it secret, the other opens their eyes and has to ask questions about the card to guess who or what it is. When the player thinks they know what the secret card is, they have to pick the matching card from the rest facing up. Only then will you know if you guessed correctly and the secret card can be shown.

The game comes with a handy booklet to check you’ve matched the right pair, and after a few games you won’t need it as you’ll learn to spot the clues. The humans are looking in the same direction and in some cases have the same hair and eye colour as their dogs.

IMG_3355Available to buy now at

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