Furbo Dog Camera Review, is it worth the money?

If you work and own a dog, you’ll more than likely have felt guilty for leaving your dog at home and not being able to see what they get up to. The Furbo dog camera was created by a couple who felt exactly like this, and wanted a solution to being closer to their dog when they couldn’t physically be there.

We’ve had a pet camera in the past, here’s the review, and it actually made a great baby monitor for 4 years. The picture wasn’t great but it served it’s purpose well. So when I first heard about Furbo last year, I found it difficult to justify the high price tag, as it was over £200 at the time. IMG_3945

We’ve been testing Furbo for the last few weeks and I have been seriously impressed. Lupo? Not so much initially, but I’ll explain that shortly! Furbo is unique due to the fact it not only lets you see and talk to your dog, via an app, no matter where you are, but you can also swipe on your phone and Furbo will fire treats for your dog to enjoy. I was as sceptical as most British people may be with this type of thing, but it really is lots of fun.

We set it up in the living room, which was very straight forward as you just need to connect Furbo to your wifi and download the free app. We fired the treats so Lupo could get used to the mechanical noise it makes before they come out, which caused his head to go from side to side in the way dogs do when trying to understand something new. The treats we used were really small and hard, as it’s important not to put anything soft that could get stuck.IMG_3902

The view you get via the app is full HD and 160 degree vision, so you can see from one side of the room to the other clearly. It also has full night vision so you can see your dog hopefully sleeping soundly at all hours of the day. On a cosmetic level, it also matched perfectly to my kitchen!IMG_3903

The real test came when I used the app to watch Lupo when I was working away from home. The app sends alerts to your phone if your dog is barking, so I could switch on the camera view and see that the postman had been. It was funny to watch Lupo make his way around the house, trying to see if he could get on the sofa’s (he can’t as I always put the kids toys in the way!)

When I clicked to give Lupo treats through Furbo, I’d like to say that it worked like a charm but it came as no surprise to me that my mean-looking but totally wimpy Dobermann heard the noise from Furbo and ran in the opposite direction…I came home mid afternoon and the treats were still on the floor! He’s by no means representative of most dogs, I know my Mum’s Parson Russell Terrier for example might do her best to get the treats from Furbo no matter what the cost.

Luckily it was just a case of getting him used to it, and I’m pleased to report he enjoys the odd treat when I can’t be there in person. A feature that was useful for this was the fact you can record your own message for just before the treats are released, so we used “Lupo, treats!”IMG_3955

I’ve also been really interested to read about the people who have been alerted to intruders in their homes, and been able to use the Furbo footage to catch them. You can record still images and live video with the press of a button on the app.IMG_3949

Furbo gives peace of mind and an extra level of security to your home, as I’m sure you’re like me in thinking your dog is one of the most important things you’d want to protect in your home. Helping them feel safe and loved until you return is well worth the investment, grab your Furbo on Amazon, here for £199.


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