Itch Pet Review: Try flea and worming treatment for free

How do you remember the last time you gave your dog worming or flea treatment? Personally, I go through the laborious task of scrolling through my Amazon order history. There’s been a little more orders on there this year, as you can imagine, so it’s not the fastest way to find out it’s time to order tablets for Lupo again.

If like me you could do with a solution to this and one less thing off your never-ending to-do list, Itch Pet have solved all our pest related problems. Plus they have hilarious adverts, you may have even seen them on the TV or on billboards.

Started after founder, Jonny, found himself in the same boat as you and I, and couldn’t remember when they had last treated their dog, Itch Pet was born. It helps that the team behind Itch Pet also run Monster Pet Supplies, so you’re in safe pet-loving hands.

Itch offers flea and worming prevention products plus some health related treats, for both cats and dogs, delivered to your door. Not only that, it’s a subscription model, so you sign up and forget all about it until this cute personalised package makes its way through your letter box.

You can try Itch for free for the first month, all you need to pay is the £1.99 postage. The treatments are developed and approved by UK vets and you tell them everything they need to know about your dog or cat, so they can send exactly the right dose.

After your first free month if you are impressed as I was, you can stick with them and pay £6.50 per month and that’s with free delivery. Peace of mind that you’ll never forget to flea or worm your pet again.

There’s loads more information on their website, plus some handy tips about what to do if you spot fleas on your pet and in your home, whilst you wait for the treatment to arrive. and if you have any questions, their super friendly team are really good at getting back to customers on their Facebook page.

Read more on the Itch Pet website by clicking here.

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