This Week’s Pet Savings

We’ve scoured online pet store Doggie Solutions for the very best offers, sales and discounts on a range of products for dogs. This week we’ve got items that you’ll need for those dark evening walks, plus a chew toy that’s built to last and a classic dog toy at a great price, to help you spend quality time with your dog.

Flashing Dog Lead

Save: 78%

Was: £9.49

Now: £2.13

Even the winter daytimes can get gloomy, so a few extra lights will keep your dog safe, especially if you need to cross the road. This lead is really handy and comes in a few colour options.

Air Squeaker Tennis Ball

Save: 26%

Was: £0.65

Now: £0.48

Maybe don’t buy this if you’re stuck in isolation, if your dog loves a squeaker as much as my dog. This ball gets great reviews and is a bargain for all the fun they’ll have with it.

High Visibility Reflective Dog Coat

Save: 24%

Was: £13.02

Now: £9.96

We’ve bought Lupo his first coat this year as he get’s into old age, and this is perfect for keeping him visible, especially as he has black fur. I also love the fact coats keep them dry so there is less wrestling with a towel when you return home.

Natural Antler Chew

Save: 10%

Was: £5.99

Now: £5.39

Granted not the most visually appealing, but Lupo absolutely loves these to chew on. They are less messy than bones, and there’s no odour, but dogs will love them. Just try not to think of Rudolf…

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