Harringtons Dog Food Review

I’m a big fan of buying from local companies where possible. We seem to be really lucky here in Yorkshire to have some fantastic pet brands on our doorstep. I’ve talked a lot about Pure Pet Food but recently was introduced to Harringtons who hail from Herriot country (famed from the popular James Herriot books about a vet practice) in North Yorkshire, so I thought I’d put their food to the test with Lupo. Here’s how we got on.

We sampled some of the Harrington wet dog food, that boast natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals. They are grain free and don’t have any of the nasties such as artificial colours and wheat. Just all of the good stuff your dog needs.


When I open parcels, Lupo has come to expect they are for him, so his nose went into overdrive as I inspected the mixed section packs. The meals come in 150g or 450g trays. They look a lot like the packaging you get for ready meals, in a plastic tray with a foil lid to keep things fresh.IMG_2591

I introduced them slowly, as you should if you are changing your dog’s diet in any way, to avoid any affects on their digestive system. You can clearly see the fresh ingredients, big chunks of meat and vegetables and it doesn’t have a nasty smell like cheap dog food does. That’s been a real eye opener for me, as all these years it’s easy to assume dog food must smell bad, but I’ve learnt it doesn’t have to!

Lupo loved all the flavours, but the duck was a particular hit as I’m not sure he’s ever tried that meat before. The meat content is high, at 60%, this is another good indicator if you are shopping around. If you’re trying to decide whether to spend more on your dogs food, make sure the actual meat content is high and you’re not just fooled by packaging or marketing claims.

The wet food comes in chicken, Duck, Turkey or salmon options, all supplemented by Potato and other interesting and tasty flavours such as Green tea and Rosehips! Well, if it’s good enough for us humans…


We fed Lupo Harringtons dog food for three years. His coat was shiny, his eyes bright and he maintained a healthy weight so I’d highly recommend it.

Harringtons is available to order online through VioVet by clicking here.

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6 thoughts on “Harringtons Dog Food Review

  1. I own a very fussy Shih Tzu who has been through most brands, yet at last she’s settled on Harringtons, perhaps because of the variety packs. No upset digestion so she will remain on the wet food for keeps.


  2. The wet Harringtons food is good but the dry stuff uses corn if I recall correctly – I don’t think corn is digestible so you end up having to feed more of the dry stuff than you would with a grain free dry food, and you have to pick up more poop as a result.

    The wet food doesn’t smell bad but I notice when my dog poops there’s a weird plastic smell, could be plastics leach from the packaging into the food and go through her digestive system? Not good!

    I feed her home cooked meals most days and wet dog food (harringtons or other brands) 2 or 3 days a week just to give some variety – unbelievably she gets bored and refuses to eat beef mince, liver / heart, and chicken after a while! I can’t find cheap duck anywhere so I buy the duck flavoured harringtons to give her a rest from beef and chicken. I also give her and the cats a can of sardines once a week for the omega oils.

    Wet food isn’t great for doggy teeth so I also give the dog dental chews or beef trachea every day.


  3. Hi we have a Shitzu puppy we had her at 8 weeks she is not at all keen on puppy tinned food butchers or pedigree, we gave her harringtons dry complete puppy and loves it also now the wet food gets left !! She is now 13 weeks and still trying both but think we may just have dry food that she will eat and forget the tin food, we only found your product by checking smaller bags at Tesco just in case she hated it well done !!


  4. I have 2 bichon frises who have never eaten wet food or any other brand of dry foodbiscuits but bakers complete , i did try loads of other brands of dry foods but they turned there noses up and wouldnt eat it i was running out of options with my boy dog being over weight and being disgnosed with cushing disease and diabetes and then my mum introduced me to harringtons wet and dry food for my dogs and they loved the dry biscuits so then i interduced them to harringtons wet food and they love it just as much as the dry food which am really happy about because my dogs have never liked any wet food before but they love harringtons so am hoping for good results of healthier better life styles for my 2 pooches now thanks to harringtons.


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