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First up, I’m no Dog Whisperer, Veterinarian or the next Victoria Stilwell (for the record, I would always choose the dog). My name is Jess, I live in Yorkshire and I’m the owner of a ten-year old Dobermann named Lupo. Who as soon as he came crashing into our lives has both taught us and cost us, a lot. His name is Italian for Wolf, and yes, Kate Middleton copied me.


My posts include taking a look at what has worked for us owning a dog and what, quite frankly, lasted 30 seconds on returning from a trip to Pets at Home. I hope to give an insight into things like dog toys, dog food, pet friendly places to walk and holiday, along with insight into how a Dobermann lives with a family and children. If you are thinking of owning a Dobermann in particular, I will happily exchange lengthy emails on every minor detail, so please do get in touch.Dog walking

Please take my posts as my opinion only. What works for us and our dog, may not work for yours. But a real, unbiased review is a good place to start, so thanks for reading.

Velcro Dog has been featured in The Sunday People newspaper:


Sometimes I use affiliate links within my posts on this site, which means I make a small commission if you decide to buy anything by clicking on the link. Rest assured I will always give my honest opinion and never recommend anything we haven’t tested beforehand.

Velcro Dog is recommended by Monster Pet Supplies.

“Jess reviews products, websites and newly launched items, as well as offering a keen insight into petcare and her own personal experience as a dog owner. It’s written in an honest, open tone and we highly recommend a read. At the very least browse the pics of Lupo, ridiculously cute.”

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