Dobermanns eat babies, and other myths

Let’s start with a few choice phrases I’ve heard from people walking past me and my dog, or just offering their opinion on Dobermanns, asked for or not. I thought I’d provide a photo reference to show how wrong these perceptions can be. What vicious dogsYep, so vicious that his favourite place to sleep is on top of you. They attack childrenOnce he’s finished being … Continue reading Dobermanns eat babies, and other myths

Finding the right puppy

Buying a puppy is a pretty momentous decision. It’s really easy to see an advert and fall in love on the spot, without doing all the sensible things like seeing the mum and meeting the breeder. But so you don’t end up resenting a perfectly innocent dog through your own wrong decisions, let me give a little insight from our experience. You need to research … Continue reading Finding the right puppy