Furbo Dog Camera Review, is it worth the money?

If you work and own a dog, you’ll more than likely have felt guilty for leaving your dog at home and not being able to see what they get up to. The Furbo dog camera was created by a couple who felt exactly like this, and wanted a solution to being closer to their dog when they couldn’t physically be there. We’ve had a pet … Continue reading Furbo Dog Camera Review, is it worth the money?

Three Commands With Hand Signals, to Teach Your Dog.

Most dog owners will start training their puppy with basic commands of sit and down. You can do it everyday in your home, with minimal effort required. Dogs pick it up quickly and will respond to the verbal cue’s for the rest of their life. But if like me, your house is noisy enough, why not teach hand signals for these commands so you don’t … Continue reading Three Commands With Hand Signals, to Teach Your Dog.


Our daughter is two years old now. Two years since Lupo was no longer our baby. Two years of slower walks for little legs. And two years adapting to the whole family calling you Bupo, a name given by the baby who can’t pronounce L’s yet. We couldn’t help it, it just stuck. I couldn’t wait for her to learn to say Lupo’s name, but that … Continue reading Bupo

How To Pet Proof Your Garden

You have your home, complete with a garden. So you’re thinking of getting a pet. That’s great! However, with the new addition to your family, there are extra things to consider when designing your garden. Follow this guide to make sure your garden is pet proof. Choose Your Fence Wisely It is important to choose the right fence for your garden if you have pets. … Continue reading How To Pet Proof Your Garden

Boredom busting ideas for dogs

There’s no escaping today’s long working hours and this can mean long stretches of the day, where you dog will be on his own. For the sake of his sanity and your furniture! Check out these great boredom-busting tips: Daily walks- do not underestimate the power of a good walk, this helps burn off any excess energy and will keep him motivated and stimulated. If … Continue reading Boredom busting ideas for dogs

How to make your dog happy

Some dogs are happiest in the great outdoors, others cosy on the sofa. Your dog may love the company of other dogs, but someone else’s may prefer human company. Mine is, as his nick name goes, is happiest when he is glued to my side and following me from room to room. When he’s had enough of me, there are his beloved blankets of course. He’s … Continue reading How to make your dog happy