How to make your dog happy

Some dogs are happiest in the great outdoors, others cosy on the sofa. Your dog may love the company of other dogs, but someone else’s may prefer human company. Mine is, as his nick name goes, is happiest when he is glued to my side and following me from room to room. When he’s had enough of me, there are his beloved blankets of course. He’s … Continue reading How to make your dog happy

Dogs at Weddings

Dogs at weddings? It’s just down to personal taste. Especially in the UK where they aren’t allowed in Church and my own personal recurring nightmare, risking him jumping up onto a white dress with big muddy paws. But putting those things aside, it wouldn’t have been the same without some shots with our beloved pooch. So here’s what to consider if you fancy doing the … Continue reading Dogs at Weddings

Two adults, a dog and a little baby

First things first, let’s get the serious bit out-of-the-way… NEVER leave a dog alone with a young child. No matter how docile, small or seemingly harmless old Rover is. The effort it takes to remove either from the room as you leave it is tiny in comparison to the unthinkable alternative.That may sound a bit extreme, especially to people already wary of dogs, but you … Continue reading Two adults, a dog and a little baby

The Truth About Toilet Training

The favourite part of bringing a puppy home, especially as kids soon shy away from the cleaning up aspect of owning a dog. It’s probably the most important part to get right for everyones sanity, so here are my thoughts on some of the common misconceptions. 1. Your puppy will be fully house trained in 6 months I wish this was true. Dogs are the equivalent of … Continue reading The Truth About Toilet Training

An alternative to the Elizabethan Collar

Otherwise known as the e-collar or ‘cone of shame’… I’ve never come across a dog that particularly likes wearing this plastic monstrosity they issue you with at the Vets, but some can be more accommodating to our strange human ways than others. You’re packed off home after paying an eye-watering bill, enough drugs to medicate a horse and this essential item traditionally known as an … Continue reading An alternative to the Elizabethan Collar