Tips for Travelling with Pets & Win a pet friendly holiday!

Travelling this New Year? Home or away, follow these tips to have yourself a stress free winter trip! Taking your pet on holiday in the UK or abroad during the winter period has never been easier, but before you pack the doggy jumpers and head off, here’s a few things to consider: Travelling in the UK this Winter If you are planning a long and … Continue reading Tips for Travelling with Pets & Win a pet friendly holiday!

5 Things Every Rescue Dog Owner Needs to Know

There are thousands of rescue dogs in shelters across the country that are in need of loving homes. If you’ve been kind enough to adopt one, you can be proud in the knowledge that you’ve given a dog a well-deserved second chance. Though rescue animals always come with a few complications, they’re definitely worth it. When it comes to insurance for a rescue dog, there … Continue reading 5 Things Every Rescue Dog Owner Needs to Know

First Aid for Dogs

There are many similarities between owning a dog and having a child. One of the most similar aspects is feeling the element of danger. You feel danger lurking round every corner when you’re a parent and are constantly saying “be careful” (reminds me of a Friends quote: Monica: Careful. Careful. Careful! Chandler: I’ll tell you what. For the rest of our lives, I’ll be careful unless told … Continue reading First Aid for Dogs

Ruth Langsford’s advice is ‘Spot On’

This Morning presenter and proud owner of rescue dog Maggie, Ruth Langsford, has teamed up with FRONTLINE® Spot On, the UK’s No.1 flea and tick protection*, to help the nation’s pets stay happy and healthy this summer. While higher temperatures bring smiles to many people’s faces they can make life difficult for our furry friends, so Ruth and FRONTLINE® Spot On vet Simone Pomerantz have … Continue reading Ruth Langsford’s advice is ‘Spot On’

How To Pet Proof Your Garden

You have your home, complete with a garden. So you’re thinking of getting a pet. That’s great! However, with the new addition to your family, there are extra things to consider when designing your garden. Follow this guide to make sure your garden is pet proof. Choose Your Fence Wisely It is important to choose the right fence for your garden if you have pets. … Continue reading How To Pet Proof Your Garden

Hi-tech dog collars help vets monitor health improvements

Painkillers can help dogs with osteoarthritis to run about nearly in the same way as healthy dogs, a study of their movements has shown. Vets used GPS technology attached to collars to track dogs with osteoarthritis and see how they responded to treatment. The collars monitor the dogs’ every movement when outside and can give vets vital information about their physical performance. Vets can see how fast … Continue reading Hi-tech dog collars help vets monitor health improvements

The Silent Killer

Did you know there may be a silent killer in your home that can claim the life of your beloved pet without you even knowing it? Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas produced by heaters, boilers and cookers in the home. It it potentially toxic to animals and humans. Most worryingly of all, it’s very difficult to detect and can easily be inhaled without realising. … Continue reading The Silent Killer

Experiencing Autumn with your family dog

Enjoy Autumn Mornings You really can’t beat an autumn morning, can you? Air so crisp and fresh you can see each breath. Golden leaves falling from the trees, giving that satisfying crunch under your boots. Bright sunshine, but chilly enough to wrap up in a warm coat and soft scarf. It’s my favourite time of year, especially when it comes to walking with my dog in the … Continue reading Experiencing Autumn with your family dog

How to make your dog happy

Some dogs are happiest in the great outdoors, others cosy on the sofa. Your dog may love the company of other dogs, but someone else’s may prefer human company. Mine is, as his nick name goes, is happiest when he is glued to my side and following me from room to room. When he’s had enough of me, there are his beloved blankets of course. He’s … Continue reading How to make your dog happy