My Favourite Animals on Instagram

As my favourite social media platform, Instagram is full of amazing accounts, especially when it comes to animals. Here are my favourites, in case you’d like any inspiration on new accounts to follow. I only recently discovered this first one through a work colleague’s recommendation, but I just love it. People send in their animal photos, and the account owner will turn it into a … Continue reading My Favourite Animals on Instagram

How to Take Awesome Photographs of Your Pet

Talented photographer Jonathan got in touch to tell me all about his pet portrait services and I asked if he could provide my readers with some top tips for your own photography. You can also see some examples of his brilliant shots below, I think he captures the dog’s personalities perfectly.  Like so many dog owners I love to record the enjoyment I get from … Continue reading How to Take Awesome Photographs of Your Pet

Dogs at Weddings

Dogs at weddings? It’s just down to personal taste. Especially in the UK where they aren’t allowed in Church and my own personal recurring nightmare, risking him jumping up onto a white dress with big muddy paws. But putting those things aside, it wouldn’t have been the same without some shots with our beloved pooch. So here’s what to consider if you fancy doing the … Continue reading Dogs at Weddings

A Retriever, a Terrier and a Dobermann

A year before we brought Lupo home, my parents bought a Golden Retriever called Wilbur and a Parsons Russell Terrier called Bracken. All three dogs have grown up together but Bracken leads the pack. Lupo is more than a little in love with her so she loves to wind him up. She’s kept on a long line otherwise we’d loose her down every available rabbit … Continue reading A Retriever, a Terrier and a Dobermann