Harringtons Dog Food Review

I’m a big fan of buying from local companies where possible. We seem to be really lucky here in Yorkshire to have some fantastic pet brands on our doorstep. I’ve talked a lot about Pure Pet Food but recently was introduced to Harringtons who hail from Herriot country (famed from the popular James Herriot books about a vet practice) in North Yorkshire, so I thought … Continue reading Harringtons Dog Food Review

Dobermann Attacks Theresa May!

I was recently sent probably the best dog toy I have ever seen. My first choice was to see Lupo rip apart Donald Trump, but he’s on pre-order/ busy building a wall, unfortunately. Instead I went for the next best thing, Theresa May, by the geniuses behind Pet Hate Toys. The likeness is uncanny and the detail is fantastic, even down to her wedding ring and … Continue reading Dobermann Attacks Theresa May!

Furbo Dog Camera Review, is it worth the money?

If you work and own a dog, you’ll more than likely have felt guilty for leaving your dog at home and not being able to see what they get up to. The Furbo dog camera was created by a couple who felt exactly like this, and wanted a solution to being closer to their dog when they couldn’t physically be there. We’ve had a pet … Continue reading Furbo Dog Camera Review, is it worth the money?

Pure Petfood review: Terrific Turkey

I’m going to start with the big problem about this food. You’ll know if you’ve ever added a bit of warm water to your dogs food, their noses will go crazy as the heat releases the smell. Well, adding warm water to Pure Petfood drives my dog CRAZY. The whining, oh the whining. He’s a whiner at the best of times for no apparent reason, but … Continue reading Pure Petfood review: Terrific Turkey

When your dog eats better than you do…

Finding the right dog food is akin to finding the perfect pair of jeans. You feel like you spend your life trying different brands. You find one you like and think another brand can’t possibly be a better fit. But then something new comes along to tempt you. I was relatively happy with the tinned meat we were giving Lupo. Chosen for its high meat … Continue reading When your dog eats better than you do…

Hoburne Holiday Park – A Cornish dog friendly holiday

At the end of last month, we packed the car with everything but the kitchen sink, not forgetting Lupo, and set off from Yorkshire at an eye watering 4.30am. Great advice from my work colleague as it turned out, as we arrived in Cornwall mid morning, ready for a bank holiday weekend exploring all that the region has to offer us dog owners. Wanting to … Continue reading Hoburne Holiday Park – A Cornish dog friendly holiday