Home Interior Favourites for Animal Lovers

This month I’ve been browsing the gorgeous wall paper and interiors specialist Graham & Brown. I can’t decide from my list of favourites, which ones do you prefer? Let me know! I recently read that items with Pugs on topped any other dog breed for items being sold on eBay. So if you are Pug mad, you’ll love Humphrey here (£25) I like this print as … Continue reading Home Interior Favourites for Animal Lovers

Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee

Today’s post has been written by author Cee Tee Jackson, who has kindly shared the story behind his book, perfect for dog lovers. Enjoy! Being made redundant any time is unfortunate; life changing. Twice in two years, though? Why, that’s just plain careless, and points to poor decision making, particularly as regards the latter job. I know. It happened to me. And as an ex-Bank manager seeking … Continue reading Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee

Walkies App Review & Win £50 PetsPyjamas Vouchers!

Anyone else with a smart phone get a bit obsessed with the health tracker? It’s a free app but I am always fascinated to see how many steps I have taken in a day. Although I’d love it, I refuse to get a fitbit or similar device, as I think it would just make me feel more guilty for the evenings I don’t move in … Continue reading Walkies App Review & Win £50 PetsPyjamas Vouchers!

First Aid for Dogs

There are many similarities between owning a dog and having a child. One of the most similar aspects is feeling the element of danger. You feel danger lurking round every corner when you’re a parent and are constantly saying “be careful” (reminds me of a Friends quote: Monica: Careful. Careful. Careful! Chandler: I’ll tell you what. For the rest of our lives, I’ll be careful unless told … Continue reading First Aid for Dogs

Doberman vs. Strong Stuff ‘Tough Guy’ Toy

I asked Felix and Fido to send me the strongest toy they had and they rose to the challenge with admirable optimism. I’m still yet to find a toy that survives Lupo the picker, apart from a Kong so when we received the promising looking Strong Stuff Tough Guy toy, ‘tested by British Bulldogs’, I wanted it to survive, I really did. But a Bulldogs jaws aren’t … Continue reading Doberman vs. Strong Stuff ‘Tough Guy’ Toy

Do’s & Don’ts of a Dog Friendly Holiday: Ox Pasture Hall

When offered the chance to stay in a pet friendly hotel I didn’t hesitate. It was only afterwards I realised we hadn’t shared a room with Lupo since he was a puppy. Did you know dogs have much shorter sleep cycles than we do? They don’t go into as deep as sleep either. When we had a new born baby I could hear Lupo getting up … Continue reading Do’s & Don’ts of a Dog Friendly Holiday: Ox Pasture Hall

Velcro Dog’s September Favourites

Christmas came early for Velcro Dog this month and this post shares our favourite treats and toys to give you some inspiration for shopping for your pooch. Lupo’s new best friend is a soft toy duck, that came in the first ever Pawsome Box (£19.90 a month), a subscription treat service for dogs. This duck doesn’t have any stuffing and has lasted a good few weeks … Continue reading Velcro Dog’s September Favourites

Barker & Barker Natural Dog Treats

Since the 1970’s, Barker & Barker have been creating a healthy alternative of dog training treats, tasty toppers and supplements. All of the ingredients are human grade and contain no artifical additives, preservatives, colourings and are totally GM free. They also never use cereals or grains like rice and oats, which are all carbohydrate rich. Lupo has been trying a selection of the training treats, … Continue reading Barker & Barker Natural Dog Treats