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I love writing about anything to do with dogs and my readers respond best when it’s from my personal experience. For this website, I’m interested in hearing about pet related news, charities, businesses, real life stories, products, services and competitions. Vada will put toys to the test, sample food and treats and we’ll provide unique photography that’s yours to use in your own marketing once our review is live. 

Brands I have worked with since 2012, include: RSPCA, Purina, Monster Pet Supplies, Pure Pet Food, Arden Grange, Hoburne Holidays, FRONTLINE, Money Supermarket, Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance, Furbo, Harringtons, Poundland and Agria Pet Insurance.

If you’d like me to write for your website or work with you or your client on a pet related project, take a look at some examples of my work below and you can pop me a message using the form. 

I am also a social media and PR consultant, you can check out my website that features far less dog photos, here:

7 thoughts on “Work with me

  1. Hi Jessica
    We are a small but growing charity that take in stray and abandoned dogs in and around Co.durham and Hartlepool area, Dogs that are not reunited with their owners after 10 days come over to be rehomed and look for their forever homes, please take a look at our website to see some of the welfare stories that we do on a daily basis. We hope that you can help raise awareness about us as a charity and the work we do.
    Kind Regards

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  2. Please could you send me Samples of your Dog Food. I have a female Pit bull named Sugar and she’s five years old and has no allergies and is very friendly and loving too. My Address is 4/5 Ferry Road Place. West Pilton. Edinburgh. EH4 4AX. Midlothian. Scotland. UK. Thank you.

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  3. Hi Velcro Dog,

    I work for a charity called International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA). Our work to end the Dog Meat Trade is currently focused within the Philippines and was launched in September 2017 alongside our partner AKF.

    In addition to the many thousands of strays struggling for survival every day, they are also at risk of being subjected to the barbaric dog meat trade (DMT) which sees many being brutally slaughtered for human consumption. Despite this being an illegal activity within the country, many are still being killed in this way and through this project and alongside our partner, we will not stop until no more dogs are forced to endure this horrific fate.

    We also treat thousands of dogs and cats in Borneo, Penang, Romania, Nepal and the Philippines who have no owner to feed them or provide them with a safe place to sleep. When they are ill they have no owner to care for them so as they get the treatment they need. Under these conditions, many would live just a few years during which they would struggle to survive. We re-home these pups within their own countries and the UK after they have been treated, rehabilitated as well as neutered.

    Part of the charity is to educate countries and change legislation on the treatment of cats and dogs.

    The reason for contacting you was to see if you would be interested in posting some blogs on our behalf to your readers to highlight the work that this being done and ask them if they would like to get involved or find out more about our work.

    We are more than happy to send out email marketing to our database of subscribers to inform them of your services and brand.

    If you are interested in a partnership please do contact me as we are running a campaign at the moment “Save a Stray Day” (29th July) in which we are having a national PR campaign and events in specific regions of the UK and it would be great to have you involved.

    Thanks Hayley

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