The best sellers on Etsy UK for dog gifts

This year many of us are trying to ‘shop small’, doing our bit to support small businesses through a very difficult year. I have always loved shopping on Etsy, but this year I have shopped there more than ever as I look for unique pieces. The latest thing I’ve ordered isn’t pet related, but it’s a handmade key holder for our hallway as I couldn’t … Continue reading The best sellers on Etsy UK for dog gifts

Rover the Doodles Dog

Remember when Ikea first opened in the UK? Apart from buying a lifetimes supply of tea lights, everyone came home with one of their wooden figurines – a man with moveable body parts used traditionally by artists for drawing. Well fast forward a few (ok a lot) of years and I’ve found a modern version of this classic product, and it’s infinitely better as there’s … Continue reading Rover the Doodles Dog

Scruffy Chops

Natural mineral shampoo for dogs from ScruffyChops – the perfect Christmas gift idea for your pampered pooch.  Rhubarb and Custard smelling shampoo and natural mineral conditioner, these products for dogs get more like something from L’Oreal don’t they? But they smell amazing, so if your dog smells, well, less than amazing, give these a try. Made from natural and certified organic ingredients, allergen, paraben and … Continue reading Scruffy Chops