Could your dog be the face of Go Get It? 

A small-sized Crossbreed called Poppy has been named the UK’s favourite breed and name for our canine friends according to Go Get It, a dedicated pet insurance comparison website for dogs and cats. In celebration of National Dog Day (26th August 2018) Go Get It is now searching the country to find a Crossbreed called Poppy that could be the ‘face’ of the brand. Go Get … Continue reading Could your dog be the face of Go Get It? 

#Reasonstoshop Competition with Rakuten’s

To celebrate the launch of a new range of pet products, Rakuten’s are hosting some fun competitions. Perfect for you pet owners who love taking snaps of your furry friends. All you need is a camera and a Twitter account to take part. This week they are looking for photos of dogs, hence me telling you all about it of course. Keep an eye … Continue reading #Reasonstoshop Competition with Rakuten’s

Our Best Friends

Over 3,000 dogs and cats were used in experiments in Great Britain in 2012. They endure a life of misery caged in laboratories where they may never see the sky or feel grass under their paws. The BUAV, the leading non-profit organisation campaigning to end animal experiments, have launched ‘Our Best Friends’ campaign to raise awareness about and end the use of cats and dogs in research. Celebrities … Continue reading Our Best Friends

Discover Dogs Ticket Winners!

Due to the great response to the competition here, Metro Bank have kindly agreed to giving me 10 more pairs of tickets to giveaway, so that’s now 15 winners in total! Thank you to everyone who entered, I loved reading about the breeds you own or dream of owning. Here are the lucky 15 winners, randomly selected from all entries, who each win a pair of tickets … Continue reading Discover Dogs Ticket Winners!

News: Life with Pets Magazine

Life With Pets magazine, launched just last week, is a magazine for animal lovers to share their love of all types of pets. With a focus on pet welfare, responsible ownership & promoting rescue charities. This new and exciting publication is created by a small team of animal lovers who are passionate about living with pets. Angie the editor has always loved animals and it had … Continue reading News: Life with Pets Magazine

Worm Patrol Road Show & Competition

I’ve got to hand it to the marketing agency who got in touch with this info. When your client sells dog worming tablets, that’s one tough brainstorming meeting right there. It’s not sexy or something everyone wants to talk about, but all dog owners should know, it’s an essential product to keep your dog healthy and happy. So how do they raise awareness? A giant … Continue reading Worm Patrol Road Show & Competition