This Week’s Pet Savings

We’ve scoured online pet store Doggie Solutions for the very best offers, sales and discounts on a range of products for dogs. This week we’ve got items that you’ll need for those dark evening walks, plus a chew toy that’s built to last and a classic dog toy at a great price, to help you spend quality time with your dog. Flashing Dog Lead Save: … Continue reading This Week’s Pet Savings

Doberman vs. Strong Stuff ‘Tough Guy’ Toy

I asked Felix and Fido to send me the strongest toy they had and they rose to the challenge with admirable optimism. I’m still yet to find a toy that survives Lupo the picker, apart from a Kong so when we received the promising looking Strong Stuff Tough Guy toy, ‘tested by British Bulldogs’, I wanted it to survive, I really did. But a Bulldogs jaws aren’t … Continue reading Doberman vs. Strong Stuff ‘Tough Guy’ Toy

PetsPyjamas Treat Box Review and Giveaway

Gone are the days of giving your dog one of those Christmas stockings with a rubber squeaky toy and some dry chews. Oh no, standards have risen and the bar has been set high Ladies and Gents. Christmas presents for dogs just got serious. I hadn’t heard of PetsPyjamas before they got in touch, but they have probably the best collection of stylish pet products I’ve seen. … Continue reading PetsPyjamas Treat Box Review and Giveaway