Our daughter is two years old now. Two years since Lupo was no longer our baby. Two years of slower walks for little legs. And two years adapting to the whole family calling you Bupo, a name given by the baby who can’t pronounce L’s yet. We couldn’t help it, it just stuck. I couldn’t wait for her to learn to say Lupo’s name, but that … Continue reading Bupo

Boredom busting ideas for dogs

There’s no escaping today’s long working hours and this can mean long stretches of the day, where you dog will be on his own. For the sake of his sanity and your furniture! Check out these great boredom-busting tips: Daily walks- do not underestimate the power of a good walk, this helps burn off any excess energy and will keep him motivated and stimulated. If … Continue reading Boredom busting ideas for dogs

Doberman vs. Strong Stuff ‘Tough Guy’ Toy

I asked Felix and Fido to send me the strongest toy they had and they rose to the challenge with admirable optimism. I’m still yet to find a toy that survives Lupo the picker, apart from a Kong so when we received the promising looking Strong Stuff Tough Guy toy, ‘tested by British Bulldogs’, I wanted it to survive, I really did. But a Bulldogs jaws aren’t … Continue reading Doberman vs. Strong Stuff ‘Tough Guy’ Toy

Dogs at Weddings

Dogs at weddings? It’s just down to personal taste. Especially in the UK where they aren’t allowed in Church and my own personal recurring nightmare, risking him jumping up onto a white dress with big muddy paws. But putting those things aside, it wouldn’t have been the same without some shots with our beloved pooch. So here’s what to consider if you fancy doing the … Continue reading Dogs at Weddings

Two adults, a dog and a little baby

First things first, let’s get the serious bit out-of-the-way… NEVER leave a dog alone with a young child. No matter how docile, small or seemingly harmless old Rover is. The effort it takes to remove either from the room as you leave it is tiny in comparison to the unthinkable alternative.That may sound a bit extreme, especially to people already wary of dogs, but you … Continue reading Two adults, a dog and a little baby

Finding the right puppy

Buying a puppy is a pretty momentous decision. It’s really easy to see an advert and fall in love on the spot, without doing all the sensible things like seeing the mum and meeting the breeder. But so you don’t end up resenting a perfectly innocent dog through your own wrong decisions, let me give a little insight from our experience. You need to research … Continue reading Finding the right puppy