Rover the Doodles Dog

Remember when Ikea first opened in the UK? Apart from buying a lifetimes supply of tea lights, everyone came home with one of their wooden figurines – a man with moveable body parts used traditionally by artists for drawing. Well fast forward a few (ok a lot) of years and I’ve found a modern version of this classic product, and it’s infinitely better as there’s … Continue reading Rover the Doodles Dog

Christmas Gifts for Dogs and their Owners

Over the next month I’ll be showcasing some of the best (and indeed worst) products out there, that are being touted as the perfect present for hound or hound loving human. I’ve been lucky enough to be in touch with some great companies who have put forward their suggestions, so I’ll be featuring them in their very own posts in the coming weeks. In the … Continue reading Christmas Gifts for Dogs and their Owners