A new addition – choosing a puppy

Lupo our Dobermann, is 11 years old now, and his greying face and growing ailments is a stark reminder he won’t always be here. He’s still enjoying his daily walks, but can’t go as far as he used to without getting too tired, especially when the weather is warm. He’s on anti-inflammatories to help his back and back legs – without the medicine his back … Continue reading A new addition – choosing a puppy

RSPCA Puppy Information Pack

This week I was contacted by the Online Community Manager for the RSPCA. After thinking ‘what a cool job’, I read with interest the information on their newly launched Puppy Information Pack, launched in association with the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation. We bought Lupo from a pedigree dog breeder so we haven’t had much contact with the RSPCA – they have strict rules about how … Continue reading RSPCA Puppy Information Pack