Dog-Friendly Destinations from MedicAnimal

It seems a long time ago that we were on a sunny beach in Cornwall, with Lupo in tow. And with our four year old’s new obsession with camper vans, it looks like we might take a road trip again this year. If anyone offers one that would comfortably fit a Dobermann, I’m all ears! If like us you weirdly enjoy the slightly more stressful situation … Continue reading Dog-Friendly Destinations from MedicAnimal

UK Dog Friendly Accommodation with Hot Tub

I’ve made the title as such that I hope it helps someone in the same situation I was. I must have put variations of those keywords into Google hundreds of times, trying to find somewhere for our honeymoon. With a new baby we wanted to stay in the UK, but also wanted the luxury of a hot tub at night. But adding ‘dog friendly’ to … Continue reading UK Dog Friendly Accommodation with Hot Tub