An alternative to the Elizabethan Collar

Otherwise known as the e-collar or ‘cone of shame’…

UpI’ve never come across a dog that particularly likes wearing this plastic monstrosity they issue you with at the Vets, but some can be more accommodating to our strange human ways than others. You’re packed off home after paying an eye-watering bill, enough drugs to medicate a horse and this essential item traditionally known as an Elizabethan collar to stop your dog licking his wound.

Happy that your dog is on the mend from whatever operation or stitches he’s had, you ‘try it out’ in advance of him needing to wear it when you can’t watch him 24/7. If he’s never seen it before, he may be intrigued and its all just a fun game until you try to attach the thing round his neck.

Ears go back, eyes look down, tail is rammed between his legs. You don’t have to be Cesar Millan to know that this is one unhappy puppy in front of you right now. “He’ll get used to it” you chime, to make yourself feel better more than anything. Then he starts to walk. Anything and everything that isn’t nailed down at head height gets the full force of a dog who’s just had his balance, spatial awareness, eyesight and common sense handicapped by a plastic sheet (try not to giggle too loudly at this point, his pride is dented enough).

One swift whack of the paw and it’s over his head and on the floor. Your dog will find this hilarious and taunt you as the victor in this particular battle. So what’s the alternative? Not a lot as I have found recently. There are blow up collars, similar to those neck pillows people take on aeroplanes and manufactured by Kong. Might be worth a look if you can find a UK stockist. When I couldn’t get one in time, we simply called on my partners parents to babysit Lupo, watching him to prevent him irritating a healing dog bite.

Not ideal and we missed him terribly more than anything. But the genius’ that are my future in-laws came up with a brilliant solution. My partners granddad had a bad back last year that led him to wearing a neck brace. Padded, plastic and a simple velcro fastening, turns out it was all we needed. He may look like he’s claiming compensation for whiplash, but we are pretty damn chuffed with this discovery.

plastic dog collar I may paint some paw prints on these things and flog them myself. That must be the producers of Dragons Den calling right now…

11 thoughts on “An alternative to the Elizabethan Collar

  1. I use a cloth cone. On the very bottom of my page you will see a photo of my dog with a backward cloth collar. It blue – you can’t miss it. It’s made of hard material and it sits backward on the dogs neck. It doesn’t interfere with his vision and doesn’t make it hard to move. I bought it at a vets. You could even make this product if you can’t find somewhere to buy one. If I could remember what it’s called, I’d write the name of it here. Ju


    1. A perfect solution! Thanks for sharing Kristina. It’s a shame the Vet doesn’t offer much alternative but he did admit we’d be better off coming up with our own ideas than buying from them at an inflated price.


      1. At my wits end our vets are talking about amputation of Roland our doberman front paw due to licking, have tried many products even made a full leg brace, alas he has got through them all, any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated


      2. I’m no expert but it sounds like a behavioural problem, rather than medical. I would seek the advice of a dog behaviour specialist if you can, I’m sure many will do an initial consultation over the phone to confirm if its something they can help with.


  2. my doberman is constantly licking and chewing his lower legs which has now resulted to lesions which look raw and sore would this alternative be beneficial for him i have tried almost every thing


  3. Great blog 🙂 I got my Stella the padded version of this by Company Of Animals. Only a fiver and my furniture and the backs of my legs think it money well spent! My vets put their version on her while she’s still sedated (she’s had several lots of stitches thanks to various lumps) and then I swap them when we’re home. Your version looks good too! & Lupo’s gorgeous 🙂


  4. Ha! I just HAD to say… love the title of the photo (mouse over it)! Interesting concept, might put my own spin on it for my little doberman when he gets neutered.


  5. Hi Pet lovers, I have just Invented a new type of E-collar `eezyEat4Pets` which is softer then the traditional rigid cone collar, trimmed with soft lint around neck area & outer edge that usually knocks on the furniture/doors. The difference that this collar makes is that it has a quickly & easily removable front curve flap for feeding time, and pops back on after feeding


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