The photo before the photo

There can be a lot of pressure to get the perfect photo. Most of us carry around a decent camera on our mobile phones, and others have invested in some proper kit since it has become much more affordable. So at some point I’m guessing we have fancied ourselves as budding photographers.

I am guilty of taking multiple photos trying to get the one I want. This problem is no more prevalent when your subject is a dog that doesn’t want to be sitting still against a sunset or rainbow, when there are squirrels to be chased.

I thought I’d go through my photo folders and pick out a couple of examples of the photos before THE photo. Looking back, some of them are far more entertaining than the one I chose to share on social media. Perhaps we should all start sharing the less than perfect snapshots once in a while?

IMG_1668IMG_1674IMG_0249IMG_0250 IMG_0190IMG_0188

Once I’ve finally got my perfect shots, or concluded they may always be a bit blurry but that’s OK, I’m a big fan of sharing them on Instagram. I’m always looking at ways to preserve those photos and memories somewhere other than the Internet. I’ve had them printed to look like Polaroids and even had some featured on edible marshmallows (a company owned by Kate Middleton’s brother, no less).

I think my favourite (longer lasting than marshmallows) solution has to be photo magnets. I recently ordered nine photo magnets through and went for a mixture of photos depicting Lupo as a puppy and on his own, along with some baby photos. Even better are the ones of them both together!

Compared to the Polaroid prints I had done last year and haven’t taken out the box, these are so easy to display with no need to hunt for blutac or drawing pins. I have kept six of them which are now proudly displayed on fridge, and constantly re-arranged by my daughter. The remaining I have placed inside Christmas cards, as a nice surprise for our family.

For just £9.50 for a sheet of nine, you can’t go wrong for an extra personal gift or to jazz up your own fridge. Mine arrived just a few days after I placed the order and it’s free worldwide shipping too.

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