Nominate an Animal Protector in the Rajapack awards

The Rajapack Animal Protector awards launched today, recognises people who dedicate their time to caring for vulnerable animals. As winter rolls in, creatures of all shapes and sizes from cats and dogs to horses and hedgehogs will find themselves cold, hungry or even injured. But Animal Protectors provide the warmth, food and care they need to survive another winter.

Many people will see individuals feeding abandoned kittens or rescuing injured birds. You may even have heard of people saving confused rabbits from farmer’s fields or local sanctuaries taking in more abandoned puppies than they can cope with, just to help ease their suffering.

Remarkable acts like these take place in local communities and although people admire these acts of kindness, it’s not known how to show recognition to pass on their praise. The Rajapack Animal Protector awards is a brilliant opportunity for people to say a big thank you and with the chance to win their nominee a prize. Ten ‘Animal Protectors’ will win an exciting Reward Box which will be tailored to the winner and filled with £100 worth of pet products to help them continue caring for animals. Inside could be anything from animal feed or wellies; our winners will decide what items they need to help them continue their incredible work.


It only takes minutes to give someone the chance of being named one of ten Animal Protectors. Simply go to, state why your nominee deserves to win, along with their contact details and yours. The panel of judges will read every nomination and winners will be contacted no later than the 5th February. As Rajapack Animal Protectors is about celebrating the kindness of people, they only accept entries for non-profit organisations. So you can nominate an individual, charity or sanctuary, but not a vet or pet groomer.

Andrew Wood, Rajapack’s Ecommerce Marketing Manager says “As Europe’s no.1 packaging company, we are protectors of valuable products, so we admire others who take protection as seriously as we do.”



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